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Booking: Teresa Nale
The Loose Strings Band (LSB) is an all girls band, five members ranging in age from fifteen to twenty-two years of age from Galax, Virginia. Once known as a youth band, the girls have now crossed over into the adult league and placed 8th in the adult competition at the 80th Galax Fiddlers Convention! The band has been together now for nine years, playing at bluegrass conventions, weddings, benefits, churches, reunions, festivals etc. They are known in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, and beyond for their nice blend of tight vocal harmonies and sweet rhythms. They are also unique in their style since they all play an instrument and sing. The band has been very blessed through the years to have great parents and family support!
They have traveled throughout Southwest Virginia and beyond playing for many different types of events. They were honored to have played at Merlefest this year, in North Wilksboro N.C. They also competed in Nashville at SPBGMA, where they finished in 7th place. They have also traveled to Ohio where they were recognized as the “best entertainment” of the travel expo in Columbus. They were also honored to play at the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) this past year in Raleigh N.C. They have played in Alabama, Tennessee, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, Georgia, Massachusetts, and of course their home state of Virginia. They hope to expand their travels for this upcoming year.
The girls are also excited for the PBS televised show Song of the Mountains at the famous Lincoln Theater to air this year, they were fortunate to get to do a live show last year, and will be performing there again this year. The girls have gone through their early years; high school years and now four of them are in college! There is a fine balance in their music career, with studies, family and extra curricular activities. Somehow through their love of music, determination, and very busy lives, they have continued to perform and completed three CDs. They have just completed a new CD titled: “Journey With No End”. Seven of the ten songs on the CD are originals, which has made this project even more exciting!
The early band years they were very fortunate to have their very first CD titled “Only the beginning.” Gary Davis recorded it at Windy Oaks studio in Galax Virginia. The CD was produced with the help of Johnny Williams and Jimmy Edmonds, all very talented musicians and mentors, what a wonderful experience for these young musicians!

They are currently in the process of creating a fourth CD that will hopefully be coming out in November of this year.

Their love for the music and each other will help them prevail through obstacles that may come their way. God has blessed them with wonderful talents, fans, friends, and family! They could not do it without everyone’s support and hope to leave their audience with enjoyment and pleasure from each performance.

Tuesday, September 27

7:00pm EDT

Wednesday, September 28

8:10pm EDT